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Special Announcement

Long Night Moon, Book 1 in the Luna Touye Series is no longer Free.

New Cover. New Price.

Same great story.

And yes, I did drop the S from the title. (previously titled Long Nights Moon)

Taking The Plunge


All my short stories are free until after Christmas.

STAY WITH ME -- A senseless act of murder at a remote country mansion unites two lonelyhearts.

THE PLOT -- Leland Gardner literally puts heart and soul into his new flower garden.

NIGHT OF THE DARK -- On Halloween night, in the midst of a blackout, a subterranean creature wreaks havoc on a small Texas town.

GAR -- A small group of amateur anglers learn payback bites when they try to get rid of a very large alligator gar before the start of a major fishing competition.

BONNIE PARKER SMILE -- To earn the much-coveted Bonnie Parker smile, a man hones his skills in highway robbery.

This And That

I'm extending the free period for Captivity and Long Nights Moon, since they are getting a lot of downloads.

Still working full-time in retail. What I do there is physically demanding, tiring, and unfulfilling at times. But, I'm no quitter.

Found an extensive list of places to advertise my free books. Plan to get started on this way before the holiday shopping season begins.

FREE -- Until?

The gruesome discovery of a woman’s corpse in the small tourist resort of Point Jove, Missouri draws Sheriff Josh Wolfe, a widower who enjoys tinkering with his award winning hot rod, into the most perilous case of his career. Hounded by the townsfolk and media, Wolfe exhausts every conventional method for solving the crime.

The investigation comes to a standstill. Then, four more residents disappear. Everyone is convinced Rhone County is harboring a serial kidnapper who chooses his victims by chance. Wolfe believes the people are not only related to one another but are somehow tied to the last surviving member of the county’s namesake.

Time is not only running out for Sheriff Wolfe but for his lover, dissatisfied wife of a homebuilder, held against her will at the Rhone family’s abandoned sawmill where spilled gasoline awaits a lighted match.

Moved by the success of her debut novel, twenty-six-year-old BJ Donovan of New Orleans, Louisiana can’t handle the thoughts of being a one-hit wonder and never feeling special ever again.

Using her position as the executive chef and owner of a popular restaurant in the French Quarter to blend in with the community she embarks on a killing spree, by means of voodoo magic, and uses details of the murders to maintain her best-seller status with an episodic thriller series.

While the body count rises—from her brother’s girlfriend, found mutilated at an abandoned farmhouse, to an undercover cop murdered in a dark alley on the riverside—BJ tries to remain above suspicion as she continues to write the wrongs in her world.

Luna Touye: The Complete Series

13 Dark Tales
Psychological suspense with a touch of romance.

LONG NIGHTS MOONDecember, New Orleans, Louisiana
Posing as Alma LeJeune, sex worker, crime writer BJ Donovan embarks on a killing spree, by means of voodoo magic, and uses details of the murders to maintain her best-seller status with an episodic thriller series.

WOLF MOONJanuary, St. Augustine, Florida
BJ goes on a murderous rampage after someone at a writers retreat steals her handwritten manuscript of a new novel containing details of a true crime that were never made public.

HUNGER MOONFebruary, Savannah, Georgia
With a little help from BJ Donovan, Alma LeJeune exacts revenge on the descendants of the people who had willingly participated in the unfair conviction and public hanging of a young Irish woman in 1735.

WORM MOONMarch, Key West, Florida
Made the brunt of a sick joke by The Six, a snobbish group of writers, BJ shows them what make believe is all about when she uses the legendary Roger the Doll, a child’s toy created by voodoo magic, to hit back.

FISH MOONApril, Charleston, South Carolina
Possessed by the ghost of a female serial killer from the 1800s, Alma drugs traveling businessmen then feeds their dismembered body parts to her pet, a great white alligator.

FLOWER MOONMay, Salem, Massachusetts
A strange conversation between BJ and the descendant of a Salem witch leads Alma to believe that BJ is being drawn into a web of lies and deceit.

STRAWBERRY MOONJune, Cincinnati, Ohio
BJ grows suspicious of an elderly woman’s true motives after she asks her to help get her granddaughter away from her cruel husband, a notorious gangster.

THUNDER MOONJuly, Chicago, Illinois
After a devastating hurricane hits New Orleans BJ decides to get on the road and finish her promotional tour, unaware someone is lying in wait.

RED MOONAugust, Portland, Oregon
BJ is about to wage war on two animal abusers when something extraordinary happens.

HARVEST MOONSeptember, Hollywood, California
A playwright’s misuse of BJ’s psychological suspense series infuriates her.

HUNTER’S MOONOctober, Las Vegas, Nevada
An unexpected invitation to a murder mystery dinner party makes BJ wonder if she is the intended victim.

BEAVER MOONNovember, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
BJ soon regrets her decision to help a woman who claims she had just escaped from a torture chamber in the desert.

COLD MOONDecember, Chalmette, Louisiana
Bonnie June is coming home, but to what end?

This story is dark fiction: sex, violence, voodoo. And then there’s that horrifying scene with locusts and honey at an abandoned farmhouse. (shudder) Clearly not romantic fluff even though a love story is slowly rising to the surface.

Cold Moon - The Final Episode

Luna Touye #13
Chalmette, Louisiana

Bonnie June is coming home, but to what end?