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New Release - Serial Quiller 11

Las Vegas, Nevada

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About This Episode
After BJ Donovan finished an author reading, a member of the audience approached her. He introduced himself as a Las Vegas entrepreneur, and a fan of her books. Invited her to a murder mystery dinner party at his club. Handed her his business card. Said it’s her ticket to the fun and games.

She arrives at the Cranberry Casino-Hotel disguised as Suite Sue. The attendant brings her to the banquet room. Standing on the threshold, BJ hesitates.

Bad Mojo Series

New Release - Serial Quiller 10

Hollywood, California

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About This Episode
A playwright from California, who had first contacted BJ to say he enjoyed all the stories in LA LUNE TOUYE so much that he adapted the series for the stage, contacted her a second time. He said a theater owner optioned the play from him. Reminded her that his adaptation, titled MOON KILL, was inspired by her story. Ended the brief note with an invitation for opening night.

While wearing a disguise, BJ Donovan arrives at the little theater in Hollywood without advance warning. Buys a ticket the same as everybody else. Takes a seat in the back row. Watches the play. Listens to the comments.

Hell hath no fury like a woman who is extremely angry and vindictive.
Bad Mojo Series

What's Happening

I took time away from my series to make minor changes to four of my books.

Made a new cover for my paranormal romance short story STAY WITH ME.

Re-opened my account with Amazon. Spent a couple of days making a Table of Contents for each of my books. (Draft2Digital automatically creates one.) Took another couple of days to upload all 19 books.

Last December, my mystery novel KILLING SUMMER was featured on page 37 of 432 on Barnes & Noble's crime fiction-mystery list. Today, it is on page 24 of 491. How cool is that?

I am selling more books on Barnes & Noble than Apple, Amazon, and Kobo combined.

I'm completing the Bad Mojo series without further delay.