Create, Pitch, Sell

Best Writing Advice Ever

I'm interrupting my work-in-progress to post a great motivator for other writers.

From Joe Konrath's Blog: 2013 Resolutions For Writers

Special Announcement

I'm writing again.

To anyone who doesn't know, the Bad Mojo Series will have 13 stories. One novel, eleven shorts (episodes), and one novella. I'll make another announcement after I complete SERIAL QUILLER 6, 7, 8, and 9.

See you then.

In The Year 2013

I have a proper Table of Contents on my books, new covers for Bad Mojo and Hellfire, and a review request at the end of every story. I spent the past two days re-uploading all 15 titles to Smashwords, Pubit!, and Amazon.

I really love the new cover art. The only other cover I'd consider changing is for NIGHT OF THE DARK. I noticed it's too much like the Quiller covers.

While this is all good, I'm further behind in finishing my thriller series.

So. In the year 2013, I will...

...stop making changes to my books after I release them.
...complete the Bad Mojo Series before spring.
...complete the children's short story collection by June.
...blog about something other than my books.
...give up the notion of panning for gold in California.
...devote the first half of the second half of the year to promoting my books.
...send a free copy of SERIAL QUILLER 1 and SMOKE ON THE WATER to multiple reviewers.
...consider enrolling one novel in Amazon's Select Program. [Probably KILLING SUMMER]
...consider using Amazon's CreateSpace.
...make certain everything is in place before the holiday shopping season ramps up.
...improve what I can, let go of what I can't.
...keep my political views private.
...try a new brand of coffee.
...bait my own hook. [Hmm.]
...lose five more pounds.
...plan to write lighter stories in the future.
...devote the other half of the second half of the year to having fun.