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This And That

I changed the name of my 'moon' series back to the original (from Luna Touye to Bad Mojo). Luna caused a bit of confusion since the main character in this story uses Luna Touye for the title of her series. Took down all five Luna Touye Bundle Books. Left the collection up (The Complete Bad Mojo Series).

While I was at it I made new covers for them.

After a long absence, I have returned nearly all my books to Amazon. And lo and behold! Readers are finding me.

I trunked the romance story I tried so hard to write. Mainly because I tried so hard to write it. I am not a romance writer. I love action, adventure, and mystery... but not the fluffy kind. In my books: The F-word is used, occasionally. Main characters won't hesitate to spill blood. Husbands and boyfriends don't think twice about cheating. There are no happy endings. I should write what I read. I had the romance story all planned out. Even made a nice cover. But my heart just wasn't in it. I'm pretty sure readers could tell.

I'm writing a new book featuring Detective Gary Northcutt from Bad Mojo series and Sheriff Rusty Nichols from Backwoods Justice trilogy. They're going to meet somewhere in between Point Jove and New Orleans to track down a kidnapper and murderer. I hope to release it this summer.

A lot of plans are in the works. I've been slowly getting my ducks in a row since my accident.