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March 4-10, 2012 -- I'm offering my mystery novel, SMOKE ON THE WATER, free of charge during Read An E-book Week. In addition, KILLING SUMMER is 50% off, SERIAL QUILLER is 75% off, and all of my short stories are Free (not SERIAL QUILLER 2).

While you're at it, check out what other Smashwords authors have to offer.


Short Stories:

Special Announcement - Update

I guess everything's okay.

This whole thing started when I received an email stating my account was going to be closed because of some virus they'd detected, and if I wanted to reopen the account I'd have to give them my password along with an alternate email address and password.

I didn't do anything. Mainly because after reading the notice again it didn't sound legit. Time will tell.

I used a Hotmail address to open an account with Blogger in order to have this blog. Lately, I've been having problems with Hotmail. I'm attempting to make the primary email address (Hotmail) the secondary email address and then make my Gmail address the primary one. From what I've read about it, doing this is more complicated than it sounds.

In the event something goes terribly wrong I won't be able to access my Blogger dashboard anymore, which means I won't be able to add new content to this blog. I'll have to start over with a brand new blog.

If there are no new posts by the end of February consider this blog closed.

Something Amazing Happened Today

I met a fan I didn't know I had. The chances of two RVer's crossing paths again, anytime soon, are slim to none.

How cool is that?

We met last year at an RV Park in Oklahoma. I couldn't believe it when I saw her and her husband arrive in the familiar Class-A this morning. She remembered my name. Told me she bought both of the books I had for sale back when we first met. She said she loves my writing. Wanted to know if I had written anything else. I thanked her for asking and then told her I've written several stories, novels and shorts, which are available on most eReaders. She said she knows best-selling author Max Allan Collins. He lives in her neighborhood. What an awesome morale booster it was for her to praise my work with the same respect and enthusiasm.

I'm still smiling. Working on my story-in-progress. Eagerly counting down the days until the 90-day free trial offer for my short story, GAR, is over.


What's Happening

Thought I'd take this opportunity to share the outcome of my experiment with the book I enrolled in Amazon's KDP Select program.
Free downloads: 118
Borrows: 0
Royalties: 0
Reviews: 0
Other Sales Resulting From Experiment: 0
Current Sales Rank For Enrolled Book: #704,367
Take it for what it's worth and nothing more.

Among other things lined up for 2012, I plan to have a ghost story collection ready by Halloween, have several children's books available for Christmas, and shop around my first script. Currently, I'm working on the third book in the Bad Mojo series, enjoying spring-like weather in the South, and trying not to get discouraged.

Coming Soon

The Bad Mojo series continues with SERIAL QUILLER 3: Savannah, Georgia, a psychological thriller short story.

With a little help from BJ Donovan, Alma Lejeune exacts revenge on the descendants of the people who had willingly participated in the unjust conviction and public hanging of a young Irish woman in 1735.

Free Event Ending

My paranormal romance short story will no longer be free of charge after Valentine's Day.

STAY WITH ME – A senseless act of murder unites two lonelyhearts.

Following the untimely death of his parents, Daniel, a teenage outcast, reluctantly moves into his uncle's home in the country where he's left feeling even more friendless and isolated. He discovers a lonely girl is haunting the old mansion when he sees her standing at the outside entrance to the cellar. Her name is Lizze, she tells him, and this is where she stood the night she was murdered in 1897 on her seventeenth birthday. Daniel's great grandfather shot her because he had reason to believe his wife was about to find out he'd been having an affair with her servant. Lizze's body was hidden in the cellar and then forgotten. Daniel and Lizze become fast friends. By year's end they are deeply in love. When he turns eighteen, his uncle orders him to go out and seek his own fortune. Torn between two worlds, a foiled robbery attempt changes Daniel's life forever.