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Special Announcement - Update

I guess everything's okay.

This whole thing started when I received an email stating my account was going to be closed because of some virus they'd detected, and if I wanted to reopen the account I'd have to give them my password along with an alternate email address and password.

I didn't do anything. Mainly because after reading the notice again it didn't sound legit. Time will tell.

I used a Hotmail address to open an account with Blogger in order to have this blog. Lately, I've been having problems with Hotmail. I'm attempting to make the primary email address (Hotmail) the secondary email address and then make my Gmail address the primary one. From what I've read about it, doing this is more complicated than it sounds.

In the event something goes terribly wrong I won't be able to access my Blogger dashboard anymore, which means I won't be able to add new content to this blog. I'll have to start over with a brand new blog.

If there are no new posts by the end of February consider this blog closed.