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Special Announcement


Instead of my usual monthly Coffee Break, I have a special announcement to make.

On March 2, I will begin traveling all across America. The only way to get in touch with me is through email: sharon.austin43 @ gmail .com [no spaces]

One of the many places I intend to visit is Corpus Christi, Texas, where I will research this fascinating city by the ocean for Serial Quiller 2.

I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana a few years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed using this mysterious city as the setting for Serial Quiller 1.

Feel free to send me an email. I'll have Internet access at some of the places I visit.

Serial Quiller 2

Corpus Christi, Texas

This is the setting for part two in my Bad Mojo series.

BJ Donovan leaves her restaurant, Wild Capers, in the capable hands of her staff to attend a writers workshop at a bungalow on the beach in Corpus Christi, Texas.

In less than two weeks, the bodies of seven men are found in various parts of the city.

Back home in New Orleans, Louisiana, Homicide detective Gary Northcutt has received a gris-gris bag in the mail. What does it hold? Good juju? Or bad, bad mojo? Only time will tell. His fate lies in whether or not he opens the bag.

Coming this fall to Amazon.com.

New Book Releases For February

HIDDEN WITNESS by Nick Oldham http://nickoldham.net/
REDBACK by Kirk Russell http://www.kirkrussellbooks.com/
LUCKY STIFF by Deborah Coonts http://deborahcoonts.com/
THE CURSE-MAKER by Kelli Stanley http://kellistanley.com/
CRYING BLOOD by Donis Casey http://www.doniscasey.com/
THE TERROR OF LIVING by Urban Waite http://urbanwaite.com/
HEAVEN IS HIGH by Kate Wilhelm http://www.katewilhelm.com/
SOMEONE'S WATCHING by Sharon Potts http://www.sharonpotts.com/
YORK'S MOON by Elizabeth Engstrom http://www.elizabethengstrom.com/
THE SECRET SOLDIER by Alex Berenson http://www.alexberenson.com/?p=385
BLOOD TIES by Jane A. Adams http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/a/jane-adams/

NIGHT VISION by Randy Wayne White http://www.randywaynewhite.com/Site2/Welcome!.html
DEVIL-DEVIL by Graeme Kent http://www.randomhouse.com/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9781569478745
A COLD DAY FOR MURDER by Dana Stabenow http://www.stabenow.com/blog
NO LESS IN BLOOD by D.M. Pirrone http://www.dmpirrone.net/no_less_in_blood_94369.htm
MURDER AMONG FRIENDS by Kent Conwell http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13557.Kent_Conwell

Be Different

Coming Soon

A mystery that began in Smoke on the Water continues in Fire Flicks, part two of the Point Jove series.

In Fire Flicks, a reporter furthers his budding career as a crime scene photographer by filming new construction being set ablaze by his older brother, who has a dark secret of his own.

Chapter One
Flames reached the height of the trees, and glowed magnificently against the night sky. The acrid stench of smoke and the hiss and crackle of burning timber thrilled him to no end. A wide grin spread across his face. It was not a sadistic grin, or a grin of triumph; it was simply an expression of joy over the sights and sounds being recorded on the late model camcorder he'd recently purchased from a pawn shop. Wooden support beams buckled, and the roof caved in with a thunderous roar. His heart thumped wildly. Perspiration chilled his skin. He lifted the tripod, rotated ninety degrees to his left, and set it back down. Wiped off the lens with the cuff of his sweatshirt, looked through the viewfinder and centered it on another newly built house.

Coming soon to Amazon.com.

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Enough Already

The Frugal eReader

My mystery novel, Smoke on the Water, has just been listed on The Frugal eReader.

Come in and have a look!

Not only are there many good reads to choose from, they are all under nine dollars.

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