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Now Available On Sony

My Special Preview books – A SIMPLE PLAN, BAD MOJO, A BURNING DESIRE – are now available on Sony eReaders.

And they are FREE!

A SIMPLE PLAN – Prelude to KILLING SUMMER, a gritty tale where one partner in crime concocts a plan to extricate himself from murder. Inspired by a true story.

BAD MOJO – Prelude to SERIAL QUILLER 1, a spooky tale of voodoo magic, murder, and make-believe.

A BURNING DESIRE – Prelude to the Hellfire Trilogy: interwoven tales of love, murder, and lies.

(Also available on Nook and Apple)


My short horror story, GAR, which was enrolled in an exclusive program for the past ninety days, is now available on Smashwords and Nook.

GAR: A small group of amateur anglers learn payback bites when they try to get rid of a very large alligator gar before the start of a major fishing competition.

Synopsis: A recognized tournament is coming to Redmoon Lake. If word gets out that a fifteen-foot alligator gar has not only taken over the lake it has taken someone's life, the event would surely be called off. More than likely, it would never be rescheduled. The members of the Castaline Bassackwards fishing club decide to take matters into their own hands. When someone gets carried away and kills a young gar, the adult male retaliates in the worst way.