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New Release - The Final Episode

Coming Home


About The Final Episode
I don’t want to spoil the ending of this series.
All I can say is BJ Donovan is coming home.
Bad Mojo Series

New Release - Serial Quiller 12

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico


About This Episode
While traveling south on 1-25 through New Mexico BJ sees a woman off in the distance walking unsteadily across the desert terrain. She gets off the highway with the intention of offering her a ride to the nearest city. Sun setting on the horizon, she speeds up, uneasy about being lost in the dark. She feels a hard thump. Gets out and checks under the car. Oil is dripping on the ground. She knows the engine will burn up if she keeps going. Stranded and on foot, the urgency to find this mysterious woman increases. She begins to wonder if the woman is one of those nature-loving RVers, who might also be willing to provide shelter for the night.

When she comes around the front of a rock formation she is surprised to find the woman sitting on the ground singing a creepy song. She tells BJ she has just escaped from a torture chamber near Elephant Butte Lake. Leery of getting involved, she tells the woman she should speak to the authorities. BJ asks who is she? She says she is Voodoo Lily, from Louisiana. BJ Donovan is a cynic of the worst kind. She turns to leave. The woman starts crying, says she needs help. Against her better judgment, BJ gives in. It’s a decision she soon comes to regret.
Bad Mojo Series