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Charleston, South Carolina

Possessed by the ghost of a female serial killer from the 1800’s, Alma LeJeune drugs traveling businessmen then feeds their dismembered body parts to her pet, a great white alligator.

Bad Mojo Series

What's Happening

I took down my three 'free preview' books. It was a lot easier than explaining what kind of books they were considering they were incomplete stories. An excerpt book is what they're called, for those who don't know. But it doesn’t matter anymore. They’re gone.

While on hiatus, I read my stories. Discovered I had one of my characters trying to "span his horizons". Good grief. I made a few minor changes to all of the stories. Then I made new covers for all of them.

I also started writing a new series for kids. I hope to have the collection ready for release next summer.

I'm working on Bad Mojo. I truly love this series, and I am not going to rush through it just to get it done. Some parts are very near and dear to me. A little hint about my serial Quiller: she's not going to be filled with murderous rage forever.

I'm looking into AudioBooks.

As for not using Twitter and Facebook, my focus is on my stories and getting those stories to readers. That's it. I’m more interested in writing the next book. When I did use Twitter, I noticed the majority of my followers were other writers. I didn't want to turn my Twitter account into a writers forum. This is the very reason I don't enable the comments section of my blog. If someone has something to say to me, please, feel free to send me an email at: sharon (dot) austin 43 @ gmail (dot) com [no spaces]

The novels in my Hellfire Trilogy are selling on Nook and Apple. The same three books no one in New York wanted. Just thought I’d mention it.

Another month of No Sale on Amazon. Out of frustration, I unpublished all of my novels, leaving just the five short stories on Kindle. Nothing changed, good or bad. After I made the new covers I decided to give my novels another chance. I uploaded everything I had to Amazon. And... all I hear is crickets, not one-clicks.

I’m about to release book five in the Bad Mojo series. Number six won’t be far behind. Other than that, I don’t have too many things left to do this year. Maybe I'll learn how to scuba dive.


New Release

SERIAL QUILLER 4 is now available.

Made the brunt of a sick joke by The Six, a snobbish group of writers, BJ shows them what make believe is all about when she uses the legendary Robert the Doll, a child's toy created by voodoo magic, to hit back.

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Jealous over the remarkable success of BJ Donovan’s debut novel, six close-knit members of the Lieu de Crime Club get drunk at a writers conference in Key West, Florida and come up with a plan to play a practical joke on her, just to knock her off her high horse. They aren’t the only ones who know how to create a scenario that fits a real-life situation for a novel. Using the legendary Robert the Doll, a cursed child’s toy on display at the East Martello Museum where he is kept under lock and key, BJ gets even with The Six.

Bad Mojo Series

SERIAL QUILLER 5: Charleston, South Carolina - Coming Soon

SERIAL QUILLER 6: Salem, Massachusetts - Coming Soon