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SERIAL QUILLER 4 is now available.

Made the brunt of a sick joke by The Six, a snobbish group of writers, BJ shows them what make believe is all about when she uses the legendary Robert the Doll, a child's toy created by voodoo magic, to hit back.

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Jealous over the remarkable success of BJ Donovan’s debut novel, six close-knit members of the Lieu de Crime Club get drunk at a writers conference in Key West, Florida and come up with a plan to play a practical joke on her, just to knock her off her high horse. They aren’t the only ones who know how to create a scenario that fits a real-life situation for a novel. Using the legendary Robert the Doll, a cursed child’s toy on display at the East Martello Museum where he is kept under lock and key, BJ gets even with The Six.

Bad Mojo Series

SERIAL QUILLER 5: Charleston, South Carolina - Coming Soon

SERIAL QUILLER 6: Salem, Massachusetts - Coming Soon