Create, Pitch, Sell

Something Amazing Happened Today

I met a fan I didn't know I had. The chances of two RVer's crossing paths again, anytime soon, are slim to none.

How cool is that?

We met last year at an RV Park in Oklahoma. I couldn't believe it when I saw her and her husband arrive in the familiar Class-A this morning. She remembered my name. Told me she bought both of the books I had for sale back when we first met. She said she loves my writing. Wanted to know if I had written anything else. I thanked her for asking and then told her I've written several stories, novels and shorts, which are available on most eReaders. She said she knows best-selling author Max Allan Collins. He lives in her neighborhood. What an awesome morale booster it was for her to praise my work with the same respect and enthusiasm.

I'm still smiling. Working on my story-in-progress. Eagerly counting down the days until the 90-day free trial offer for my short story, GAR, is over.