Create, Pitch, Sell

Pet Peeves

* Pulpless Orange Juice - Fake Cheese - Powdered Milk

* Artificial Sweeteners - Artificial Flavors

* "Easy Open" Packaging (got scissors?)

* Snow before and after Christmas

* Rainy Days - Stormy Nights (power outages - stub toe while looking for flashlight)

* Non-handicapped parking in Handicap Parking

* Politicians who use Scare Tactics to gain support - Their Scary Supporters

* Daylight Savings Time (until I get used to it)

* In Movies -- Drivers who look over their shoulder, or at a passenger, while speeding down the highway or around curvy back roads - Guns loaded with an endless supply of bullets - Shooters who can't hit a target two feet away - Women who think the bad guy (nearby) is dead so they sit on the floor/ground and cry instead of running for their life - People who fall down for no reason while running for their life - People who run upstairs instead of out the back door while running....