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New Project Underway

I am adapting my novel, NOTCH, to a movie script.

Inspired by a true crime, this standalone mystery is set in Wichita, Kansas, and is told from 'Kevin's' point of view.

NOTCH [working title]
Blackmailed for murder, unable to prove his innocence, a man involves a county sheriff in his plan for revenge.


"Now, tell me about the girl," said Sheriff Morgan.

God, here we go again. The words were at the back of Kevin's mind, but he was terrified to bring them forward. This is the part they'd all been waiting to hear. The part where they would decide exactly what his role in all of this had been. Like dogs in heat they all want a piece of me. His throat closed. He counted three dead flies on the narrow windowsill. A fourth lay on its back fitfully flailing its legs in some sort of macabre death dance.

Morgan leaned closer. "Talk to me, Kevin."

Kevin fixed his gaze on the drab gray wall farthest away from the door of the interrogation room. "She was lying on her left side...." There ain't no stoppin' us now, girlie, he recalled Jasper telling the redhead the night the three of them went to the abandoned meat packing plant to have a little fun. He scratched his forehead, hiding his expression. Or was it the blonde he'd said that to?

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* * *

Obviously, I can't show thoughts, so any scenes that do won't be in the script. The first draft of the novel is complete. I'm working on both projects at the same time.

And, so far, I'm having fun.