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Serial Quiller

Chapter 1

Virgil awoke late at night to find his wife gone. He kicked off cold and clammy bedcovers, box springs screeched when he got up. A steady breeze, weighed down with humidity, carried the vanilla-like fragrance of Joe-Pye weed and the barely audible sound of laughter through an open window.

He stood behind fluttering white sheers and watched Marie trot across the back yard, her long black curls bouncing with each footfall. The opaque security light above the barn doors cast an eerie pallor through the limbs of an old elm draped with Spanish moss. He noticed her belly, in the narrow space between her shirt and shorts, seemed rounder than normal. He lazily scratched his ass, wondered what the hell she's doing. A man stepped out of the shadows, and drew her into an embrace. They kissed for a moment, then entered the barn.

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Coming this fall: Serial Quiller 2 - set in Corpus Christi, Texas

BJ Donovan, Louisiana serial killer.
She'll Put A Spell On You