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Tropical Storm Dud

Don fizzled out as soon as it clashed with the hot dry air here in Texas. This was good for the cotton crop, and for me. I'm researching Corpus Christi for SERIAL QUILLER 2. A while back I planned to use St. Augustine, Florida for my setting, in particular, the haunted lighthouse. I haven't made it there, yet. And Corpus is every bit as interesting.

While the storm was still offshore, I walked out on a pier in a neighboring town and watched the oddest procession of jellyfish I'd ever seen. Dozens upon dozens of them were making a slow trek away from the shoreline and into deeper water. Each and everyone seemed to have their own separate destination in mind. I don't know the name of this type of jellyfish. They're milky white, the size and shape of a grapefruit, and have very short tentacles. A man shoved his kayak into the water, and climbed in. Four-foot waves continuously smacked him back to the shore foiling every attempt to move farther into the bay. He appeared to enjoy the mini thrill ride. A dorsal fin broke the surface of the water. At first I thought it was a shark sent off course because of the approaching storm. Then figured it was most likely a dolphin. About thirty feet from the kayaker it disappeared. I wondered if I was wrong. I wondered if it was a great white. I watched the man, ready to call out to him if necessary. The fin broke the surface again, but in the opposite direction. I got a better look. It was definitely a dolphin. Water splashed on my feet startling me. I leaned over the edge of the railing to see why, half expecting Jaws to lunge at me. I noticed a back wall with flat wooden rungs forming a ladder. The wind had shifted causing the waves to crash against the wall. I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to write a horror story. I imagined a man tied up beneath the pier taking in mouthfuls of seawater with each wave. Maybe he's the kayaker. He's surrounded by hundreds of jellyfish. And a hungry great white shark. Hmm....