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New Release

I'm temporarily back from hiatus because...

BAD MOJO has gone live on Smashwords.

And it's Free!

Prelude to SERIAL QUILLER, a spooky tale of voodoo magic, murder, and make-believe.

Moved by the success of her debut novel, twenty-six-year-old BJ Donovan of New Orleans, Louisiana, can't handle the thoughts of being a one-hit wonder and never feeling special ever again. Using her position as the executive chef and owner of a popular restaurant in the French Quarter to blend in with the community, she embarks on a killing spree, with the aid of voodoo magic, and uses details of the murders to help sustain her best-seller status with a planned thriller series. While the body count rises – from her brother's girlfriend, found mutilated at an abandoned farmhouse, to an undercover cop murdered in a dark alley on the riverside – BJ tries to remain above suspicion as she continues to write the wrongs in her world.

I'll be back on January 2.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!