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Coming Soon

My psychological thriller short story, SERIAL QUILLER 2, will soon be available.

Initially, Florida was the setting of this story. I decided to use Corpus Christi, Texas instead. As usual, my Quiller goes wherever the hell she wants to go. Was it the haunted lighthouse? Or something far more sinister that drew her to the First Coast? She's there right now. BJ and six other newly published authors have descended on St. Augustine to spend two weeks at a popular resort and workshop where their manuscript will be critiqued and given the attention it deserves.

So. What could possibly happen in this beautiful and historic city to cause BJ to seek out a bokor and then go on a murderous rampage?


In SERIAL QUILLER 2, someone at a Florida writers retreat steals BJ Donovan's manuscript, an unpolished first draft of a thriller novel, packed with unpublicized details leading up to the murder of Detective Lucas Cantin of New Orleans in Louisiana.