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This And That

** I do write every word of this blog.
** I don't actively use Twitter. It just doesn't work for me. And I don’t want to work for It. I haven’t tweeted since... I can’t remember when.
** I don't actively use Facebook either, though I have a page in there. Somewhere.
** I’m selling more books on Nook and Apple than I am on Kindle and Diesel. If Amazon would let me upload my ‘free preview’ books, I might sell a novel or two.
** Seventy-five copies of my free books have been downloaded on Sony.

** My books are no longer available on Kobo.
** I’m finishing the Bad Mojo series before Christmas. I re-did the covers for the first four books. Just finished making the covers for books 5 thru 13. The covers for TWILIGHT and SHADES OF GREY were my inspiration: Less is more. I'll upload them when SERIAL QUILLER 4 is done.
** My idea of adapting one of my novels [KILLING SUMMER] to a screenplay is on the backburner until the Bad Mojo series is completed.
** Although my serial Quiller drinks tequila like it’s going out of style, I’ve never tasted the stuff. If and when I do have a drink I like Jack Daniels.
** Half a year is gone and I still haven’t panned for gold in California.
** Haven’t learned how to snorkel, either.
** I’m still thinking about writing a romantic short story. Maybe around the end of January.