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This And That

Jodi Arias found guilty of first-degree murder. I’m not surprised.

Kidnapper’s brothers not charged with abduction of three women in Ohio. I’m not only surprised but also confused. They had to know what was going on.

Because of re-distributing my books through Draft2Digital the depressing sales rank numbers have disappeared. The slate has been wiped clean. I’m making sales.

I’m beginning to think all Smashwords and Apple care about are romance novels.

I put the three novels in my mystery series together as one book titled A HELLFIRE TRILOGY MYSTERY SET. Soon to be released for $5.99.

My work-in-progress is progressing.

I learned a new term: non-compete clauses. Apparently, if I’m ever offered a publishing contract containing this clause I need find the nearest exit and run like hell. I swear... The more I read about agents and publishers in 2013 the more grateful I am they never wanted to have anything to do with me.