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What's Happening

Curious to know if Bad Mojo really is a good story, I gathered up all of the “moon” books in the series, put them into one book, set it for Free, then let it run wild for most of the summer.

The results? Not only was the book downloaded many times on all venues, but it received four beautiful reviews on Amazon. I am stoked!

The first book, Magic Moon — originally titled Serial Quiller, then Long Night Moon — was written in only one month. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning typing, then headed off to work an eight-hour shift. The story grabbed me from the beginning and wouldn’t let go until I typed The End.

This happened at the same time I learned about Amazon Kindle eBooks. Previously, I had wasted more than ten years of my life trying to get New York and/or California to sit up and take notice of my work. The final straw was when I waited a full year to hear back from a well-established literary agent in New York City on the full manuscript I had mailed to her. Mailed, as in “through the post office using my hard-earned money”. I sent her an email. She responded by telling me to email the full MS. Two hours later, she sent me a form rejection. The only clue provided was that the story wasn’t suspenseful. So my mystery novel (genre clearly stated in the query) was rejected based on the 5-page sample (mailed with the query) that had gotten me the “request for a full” in the first place??? What the hell? This was the day I deleted everything filed under Query Hell, and focused my attention on eBooks. I have no regrets other than never getting back those 10+ years.

But I digress.

At the same time Bad Mojo: The Complete Series came off free I put Magic Moon on Free with all retailers. I haven’t decided yet if I want this book to be permafree, since it is a full-length novel. The rest of the moon books are short ‘episodes’.

Like last September, I’m getting my books ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season. I’m making a few new covers, changing prices, and tweaking blurbs. Some of the new stuff will go up as early as next week (after Captivity comes off Free).

The Lodger was the last new story I wrote this year. While I have a few others in various stages of beginning or ending, I’m not releasing anything until after the New Year. I want to have something available at that time, especially with all the new eReaders that will be underneath the Christmas tree.

On November 1, I’m setting one more book at Free, and letting it run until mid-January 2016. I’m currently making a new cover and changes to the content.

I am able to type faster now (since breaking my wrist last January). I still make a lot of errors, which slow me down and irate the hell out of me, but not as many as before. So this is a good thing.

I have a full-time job. Putting out freight for a major retailer. The job is physically demanding. Just wanted everyone to know one of the reasons why I’m not cranking out one story after another on a regular basis.

Big changes are on the horizon.