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I gave KILLING SUMMER a new look, and then kept this mystery novel in Amazon's KDP Select/KU program.

The 5-Day Free Event begins today.

Blackmailed for murder, unable to prove his innocence, a man involves a small town sheriff in his plan for revenge.

On a hot night in July a young woman named Summer is murdered. She’ll be found one month later by two roofers, her lifeless eyes staring at the moldy interior of a rundown tool shed. The men responsible for her being there are two unlikely partners in crime, each with something to prove. One is the cowardly son of a decorated police officer. The other is a bully with a violent history. High on drugs and alcohol, neither knows who dealt the deathblow.

Fearing a confrontation, one of them agrees to pay the other for his vow of silence. But as time goes by, a hard life takes its toll on him. In order to put an end to the blackmail he’d have to take a risk. A risk that could easily backfire. Driven by hate and anger, he writes an anonymous letter to the sheriff recounting that killing summer.

They weren't there to hand-fish.