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Killing Summer Now Available

My mystery novel, KILLING SUMMER, is now available.

Blackmailed for murder, unable to prove his innocence, a man involves a rural sheriff in his plan for revenge.

On a hot night in July a teenaged girl named Summer is murdered. She'll be found one month later by two roofers, her lifeless eyes staring at the moldy interior of a rundown tool shed. The men responsible for her being there are two unlikely partners in crime, each with something to prove. One is the cowardly son of a decorated police officer. The other is a bully with a violent history.

High on drugs and alcohol, neither knows who dealt the deathblow. Fearing a confrontation, one of them agrees to pay the other for his vow of silence. But as time goes by, a hard life takes its toll on him. In order to put an end to the blackmail he'd have to take a risk. A risk that could easily backfire. Driven by hate and anger, he writes an anonymous letter to the sheriff recounting that killing summer.

Ten years, two trials and numerous secrets ensue after both men are arrested and charged with kidnapping, rape, and murder.
Featuring Sheriff Josh Wolfe of the Hellfire Trilogy