Create, Pitch, Sell

November Coffee Break

I wanted to have eleven titles for sale by the eleventh day of this eleventh month. I'd already written the first draft of four short stories. In order to reach my goal, I planned to set aside the mystery novel I was working on and finish the shorts. I finished one of them. GAR. Made it available. Afterward, I couldn't get interested in the other three stories because I couldn't stop thinking about the novel, KILLING SUMMER.

KILLING SUMMER was inspired by a true crime. In 2004 I was in the city where the crime took place. I decided to write about it, my first attempt at nonfiction. While researching the facts I learned some of the family members lived in the area. I learned I might have to intrude on their privacy and ask permission to write the story. I set it aside. Six or seven months later, I changed all of the pertinent details, and rewrote the story as a work of fiction.

I'm finishing those three short stories. In January, I'm trying something completely different.