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Our Easter Adventure

We spent Easter bike riding. Peddled right on in to the next town. Stopped to rest on a bench along the shoreline. About to sit on the bench, I saw a rubber fishing lure with a deadly 3-pronged hook.

While looking for a safe place to put the lure a seagull spotted it. The gull nose-dived toward us. Seconds later, several other gulls arrived. They must've thought it was a real fish, and they all wanted a bite. We tried to hide the lure in the tall grass, but the gulls were watching. Closely.

We tried to hide it in a rope hole drilled through a wooden post. A gull swooped down and tried to get it. We tried hanging it on one of our bike baskets. It wouldn't stay put. The hooks were too sharp to hold onto while steering the bike. We worried it might bounce off the basket and flatten a tire. *smile* We ended up walking all around the area until we found a trashcan...with a lid.

I can't believe how careless some people are. It was probably on accident that it was left behind, but I'll never know. I do know the harm the hook could've caused if a seagull had tried to swallow it. That's as bad as people not cutting up the plastic ring holders around six packs of beer and soda before discarding them. Sometimes those holders end up in lakes, streams, rivers and the ocean. Ducks, for instance, get their neck caught in the rings. Litter is a bad thing, no matter how you look at it.

Otherwise, it was a very nice day. We found several quaint restaurants and sidewalk caf├ęs. Did I mention we're in south Texas?

Driving to a new location today. Will have new places to explore with the bikes.