Create, Pitch, Sell

Flower Moon

Luna Touye Series #6

In Salem, Massachusetts, BJ has a feeling that she’s being watched during a group book signing. Coolly scanning the mystery and thriller aisles she spots a woman in front of a three-tier bookshelf looking at her over the top of her glasses. She holds BJ’s gaze for a moment, then turns and walks away.

Hours later the woman pays BJ a visit at her motel room. The attractive blonde introduces herself simply as Rebecca. She claims one of her ancestors, Hannah Rebecca Dorcas, was a witch who was burned at the stake and buried on private property by four men in May 1692. The only indication this unjust and illegal execution had taken place was due to severe remorse of one of the men, who took his own life within a few hours of making this chilling confession. It has taken over 300 years for their namesakes to come of age. On the anniversary of her death Hannah has returned to carry out her vow of revenge, and she needs BJ Donovan’s help because her powers are much stronger and her techniques are more modern.

Hidden from view, Alma listens to the strange story. Thoughts of Alicia Reilly drift in and out of her mind. She believes the woman has an ulterior motive, and BJ has been drawn into a web of lies and deceit.