Create, Pitch, Sell

Thunder Moon

Luna Touye Series #8

A devastating hurricane hits New Orleans. BJ Donovan’s life will never be the same again. With nowhere to go, she decides to get on the road and follow through with her plans for a book promotion campaign.

En route to Illinois she observes her surroundings for a plot idea to use in her new story. Before she gets to Chicago, though, she has to stop in LaPorte, Indiana for a prearranged book signing gig. When she finds out she’ll be sharing her time and space with five other mystery writers she cancels her appearance.

Too late in the day to continue her journey she goes to a fine dining restaurant to have a leisurely meal. The maître d’ apologizes then informs her that her table was reserved for someone else. By chance she is moved closer to a party of four who are discussing a string of kidnappings in Chicago. The authorities believe someone is copying the Bette Guinness lonelyhearts murder spree of 1900.

And there it is. The plot she sought for the new episode of her serial thriller. BJ pays a visit to the local library. In the midst of scanning headlines on microfiche she sees a familiar face.