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What's Happening

The Bad Mojo Series has been rebranded. It is now known as the Luna Touye Series. All 13 Quiller titles were changed to the name of the full moon used in each episode. New covers were made.

New venues have opened up.

As an introductory offer, Long Nights Moon, formerly titled Serial Quiller 1, is available free of charge for a limited time.

All of this got me thinking about the Hellfire Trilogy.

The series has been changed to the Backwoods Justice Trilogy. Book 1, formerly titled Smoke on the Water, was changed to Captivity. Fire Flicks became Betrayal. Ashes of Vengeance is Payback.

Captivity is free for a limited time, as well.

Currently, I am not working on any new projects. I have a neglected life to maintain.