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Bonnie Parker Smile Now Available

My short story, BONNIE PARKER SMILE, has gone live on Amazon and Smashwords.

Supernatural Crime - Only 99 cents

After getting fired for stealing the cash box, Martin Gibber, a lazy hand at a dairy farm, turns to highway robbery. He starts by targeting vacationers traveling in recreational vehicles on Route 66 in Missouri. Accosting tourists parked alongside the highway, he discovers grand larceny is far more rewarding than petty theft. Making believe he is Clyde Barrow he envisions Miss Bonnie Parker, her blonde hair caressing her cheek in soft arcs from the open windows of his imaginary 1934 Ford sedan. In order to take her heart and smile away from Clyde, Martin must hone his skills to prove he's a better gangster and loverboy. Little does he know, while he's living out a fantasy while eking out a living, someone else has begun stalking the historic highway.

Copyright 2011 Sharon A. Austin All Rights Reserved