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Shrinking Violette Now Available

My short story, SHRINKING VIOLETTE, has gone live on Amazon and Smashwords.

SciFi Horror - Only 99 cents

Leland Gardner desperately wants to break the ties that bind him to a desk chair in an accounting firm where his ideas are stolen and unrewarded hard work added to the stress. While writing his own how-to book on gardening he learned there are many superstitions and omens associated with plants. In addition, he learned good fortune would smile on him if he heeds these warnings and only grows and sells certain plants. To ensure prosperity while setting himself apart from other florists he invents a machine that turns natural ingredients into an extraordinary green liquid fertilizer. He intends to apply for a patent, and sell this fertilizer in his newly purchased flower shop. When a mouse falls into the machine the formula is dramatically transformed. In order to recreate this magical product that guarantees maximum growth potential along with brilliant flowers he'd have to add two more ingredients. Blood and bones. But, how and where would he get them? His nosy neighbor and tormenter, Violette Breen, gives him a few ideas.

Copyright 2011 Sharon A. Austin All Rights Reserved