Create, Pitch, Sell

Strawberry Moon

Luna Touye Series #7

BJ is in Cincinnati, Ohio to research the haunted gazebo in Eben Park as a possible setting for the current episode of her serial thriller. Taking pictures of the unique structure in the moonlight for the book cover art she sees the shadowy figure of a woman through the lens of an infrared camera. Dressed in black, she’s crying quietly and looking in the direction of Mirrow Lake.

The woman, Olivia, says she is sure her granddaughter is going to be murdered by her husband, and she doesn’t know what to do to stop him. He is a gangster, a nightclub owner, and the grandson of an infamous bootlegger who murdered his wife in the 1920s.

BJ has no interest in becoming involved in someone else’s domestic dispute. Olivia tells her how he treats his wife as though she was a dumb Dora while treating the woman he’s stuck on like she’s the queen of Sheba. She doesn’t know what the hell the woman is saying, but Olivia’s fear is real and familiar. BJ has a clear understanding of what she must do.